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"European Engineering – World-Class Reliability"

JSB Equipment Pty Ltd 28 Tova Drive, Carrum Downs VIC 3201  Phone: (03) 9770 8424  Fax: (03) 9770 8494  Email: info@jsbequipment.com

Sharon Bird

Mobile: 0407 600 200

Email:  sharon.bird@jsbequipment.com

With a network of dealers nation-wide, JSB Equipment Pty Ltd are Australia's sole importer of Gianni Ferrari turf equipment, SMG artificial grass maintenance equipment, turf and agricultural tractor drawn attachments (up to 5m cutting width) and OREC Wombat slope mowers.

Gianni Ferrari products are the world's leading high capacity debris collection and multi-purpose mowers, with highly patented and productive mower decks. Recently added, is the world's very first patented environmental dust and pollen filter. Clean air from the discharge of a mower eliminates allergy forming pollens and dust.
SMG have been producing maintenance and installation equipment for artificial grass for 26 years, and are regarded as the world leaders in this field.

Our sales have been to Sydney Olympic Park, Victoria's State Hockey Centre, Melbourne Race Course amongst numerous others.


John Bird

Mobile: 0407 600 100

Email: john.bird@jsbequipment.com


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