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"European Engineering – World-Class Reliability"

We purchased our Turbo 1 Gianni Ferrari in November 2010, through JSB Equipment in Melbourne.  It was with trepidation that we took the 10 hour drive from Orange (country NSW) to Melbourne, in search of a new mower.

We had been operating a Walker since 2000 and thought they were the pinnacle of catching mowers. Boy, were we wrong!

We met John and Sharon Bird from JSB Equipment, who introduced us to the most amazing catching mower you can purchase in today’s competitive market.  John began rattling off all the technical aspects of the Turbo 1 with supreme confidence in his product.  We thought it sounded impressive, but we were keen to see it in operation for ourselves.  So into the field we went, to see what it could do.

We pulled up on a vacant block with 1 metre high grass and debris from tree and shrub cuttings in two separate piles.  John took the Gianni Ferrari off his trailer, mounted the kerb and began mowing.  In the meantime, we were thinking there was no way that this machine was going to cut and collect this amount of grass, and not clog.  Well, one pass along this vacant block and we were smiling. Unbelievable! The Turbo 1 ate everything in its path and was looking for more.

John motioned the machine over towards the pile of tree cuttings, and proceeded to mow that as well and we were simply amazed.  So then and there, we purchased the machine.

Now, 16 months on I can say to you sincerely, this machine is as good today as it was when we purchased it.  Despite being a mowing contractor and therefore having the machine in constant use, it continues to impress.

Maintenance costs are minimal, with the only costs we have with the machine being oil, blades and filters.  That’s it!  It is simply amazing.

It does everything John said it would, with minimum of fuss. It is maneuverable, can cut in wet and collect in wet conditions, it can pack an unbelievable amount of grass into the catcher, and with the dust reduction system, it creates a clean working environment for both the operator and customer.

The engineering in this machine is obvious from the start, but becomes even more evident after long days of mowing where the operator fatigue is kept to a minimum as there is no vibration.

Out in the field, the robust design has proven itself time and time again.  I have inadvertently caught plastic council water meter lids, chopped it up in safety (ie didn’t throw it out all around the place, endangering passers by) and thinking this would have had to do some damage.  I have hopped off the mower and had a look underneath, and to my surprise you couldn’t see where it had been.  It was just gone!  This machine is truly a commercial grade machine.

With the extraordinary amount of rain we have received this year, the amount of grass is like none we have ever seen before. Most contractors are pulling their hair out, trying to tackle jobs where growth has exceeded their capability - but not so with the Gianni Ferrari.  It manages to give an “A” grade finish in the most difficult conditions, and this has been echoed by our many customers.

Thank you John and Sharon Bird, and thank you Gianni Ferrari for introducing us to such a quality machine.  We would recommend the machine to any customer seeking the absolute pinnacle in catching mowers.

Your sincerely,

Joe & Robyn Basha Joe's Mows       Orange NSW 2800         20 Years in the Mowing Business Finalists in Outstanding Business Awards


JSB Equipment Pty Ltd 28 Tova Drive, Carrum Downs VIC 3201  Phone: (03) 9770 8424  Fax: (03) 9770 8494  Email: info@jsbequipment.com

Joe's Mows, Orange NSW