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History of Orec

The evolution of Orec low profile mowers began in the late sixties. These mowers were built by Orec of Fukuoka. The company developed a mower that could handle very long tropical growth, similar to southern Japan where it is mountainous. The latest machines are at home cutting bracken and tall thick grass in one cut.

Development of Hydrostatic Transmission

Original designs featured a low centre of gravity with a wide track. In its early form it was a gear transmission with 2WD.

Later models featured the improved Orec manufactured four pinion differential, which provided a gear oil lubrication system for greater reliability and longer transmission life. The Orec engineers understood that an efficient gear driven differential provided a more powerful and safer gear reduction for working on sloping terrain. Four large roller bearings run in oil on the 25mm rear axles.

This evolved into a hydrostatic system. A hydrostatic drive, when combined with a gear final drive, provided superior power to the rear wheels.

4WD System

The develpment of a high capacity differential lock secured the safety and reliability of the Orec RM series. This later evolved into a 4WD hydrostatic machine (RM980F) with automatic bi-directional traction sensing and automatic front wheel traction control. This allows the RM980F to perform tighter turns, with minimal loss of traction or scuffing of the grass. This system provides superior safety on slopes due to instantaneous "retard" on both front and rear axles. There is no dangerous neutral position between 2WD and 4WD - no high, neutral or low selector on the transmission. Safe positive power without risk of the machine becoming a "runaway".

The Wombat RM980F (4WD)

The latest RM980F Wombat has the industry's highest power output at the hydraulic system (40% more). The hydrostatic pump is not a typical ride-on mower transmission. It is a Kanzaki axial piston, usually designed for agricultural equipment. Complete with a precharge pump, this is unique in the market.


RM980F (4WD)



Orec - Wombat Range

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